Pocket Pals



Collect virtual animals and learn about the wildlife in Britain. Keep your ears listening and your eyes open, you might see the real thing!

Pocket Pals is an app that connects people with wildlife and the environment through their mobile phones. The app utilises GPS on mobile devices, allowing players to walk and locate digital animals. Through the excitement of exploring and tracking animated animals, users will learn how to identify and classify British fauna, from quirky Pine martens to less known but equally marvellous animals such as the Sunfish. 

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Partnership opportunities

Our Subscription Pack includes various features that encourage users to nature reserves.

This includes GPS virtual locations such as animal hotspots where animals spawn more frequently, or a resource spot where users can collect items that are used within the mini-games. Visitors can complete a challenge whilst visiting the reserve,  this will include tasks such as finding x number of Pocket Pals. A Champion Animal is an extra special animal in Pocket Pals and its  profile will have a direct link to the organisation's website or any page they desire. 

We're always excited to hear from potential partners - if you have an idea, email us below!



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