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Pocket Pals aims to engage young people with wildlife using engaging mobile applications which feature charismatic virtual animals. Pocket Pals is made by young people for young people, in an attempt to make nature fun and relevant. We develop exciting methods of experiencing the natural world by merging technology with nature. Since our applications are based at real-world locations, you physically need to visit a woodland or wetland to collect Pocket Pals and learn about the real animals that inhabit those locations. Having an interest in the natural world should not be stereotyped as an 'old man's hobby' but instead be enjoyed by all - especially our future generation.


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Matthew Brown

My name is Matt Brown; co-founder of Pocket Pals and Animation & VFX graduate. I deal with all things creative, from directing and producing animation, to designing this wonderful website.


Danielle Connor

I am the co-founder of Pocket Pals and recent Zoology graduate from the University of Exeter. My roles include managing partnerships and opportunities, creating exciting social media content and all the business jazz.


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We’re always excited to hear from you whether it’s a potential partnership or a fun story! Pocket Pals is open to providing a range of digital products from animated advertisements to AR games.

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