I did not receive an activation when email when signing up?

This may take up to 10 minutes to send and might appear in your junk box.


The app crashes immediately after the first screen?

You must allow Pocket Pals to use your location as this is the fundamental feature of the game. To allow this on iOS, go to settings, scroll to the apps and find Pocket Pals and click the mobile data button to green.

Additionally, you need to have memory available on your mobile and the device's operating system must be up to date.


Pocket Pals won't download!

You need to be on wifi to download the app as it's a large app - lot's of animals!


My map isn't loading properly

Pocket Pals needs wifi or at least 3G to download. If you have good connection and it's still not loading, close the app, wait 10 seconds and reload it. If anything is glitching, it's best to close it and reload it.

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