Youth Ambassadors


Our Youth Ambassadors support our vision in engaging a younger audience in the natural world. From award winning bloggers to conservation advocates, we have five talented ambassadors that create exciting content that hopefully inspires other young people to engage with wildlife. Our Youth Ambassador team are important in spreading the message and inspiring people to get outside and explore!



Alex White

I'm 14 years old and have been writing my blogs 'Appleton Wildlife Diaries' since I was 10 years old. I am also a keen amateur wildlife photographer. My interests lie in British wildlife, especially mammals.    I am extremely passionate about getting younger people involved in wildlife.

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Emily Gilford

I've worked with UK wildlife from a young age and love that Pocket Pals will help to educate people about all of the lovely beasties that we have on our tiny island! My favourite wild animal in the UK has to be the European Robin as they're so inquisitive and bold, and they're definitely not afraid to pose for a photo!

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Dara McAnulty

I’m a 14 year old naturalist and conservationist - author of the ‘Young Fermanagh Naturalist’ blog. I’m a fervent campaigner for wildlife and wild places; especially the fight against raptor persecution. I am autistic and my connection to nature helps me make sense of the world. I express my joy by writing about my wild experiences and I share my excitement through advocacy work in schools and conferences nationwide. Nurturing connection to nature is my biggest passion in life.

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Mya Bambrick

My name is Mya Bambrick and I'm a 16 year old birder, wildlife photographer and blogger. I've been passionate about wildlife from a very young age and now hope to inspire other young people to care about the environment and animals around them. 

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