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Our Augmented Reality Trails are a brand new digital activity that leads families on a journey in search for animated animals.


The self-led trails are an engaging, educational experience that site owners can promote to their visitors. The trails are targeted at site owners that have a natural history focus, such as nature reserves, zoos, museums and village holiday destinations.


How do the trails work?

Watch the video!

Visitors search for a small sign and scan them using the bespoke mobile app. This triggers an augmented reality animal to appear on the screen. Once visitors have captured a photo or a selfie with the animal discovered, they can continue to learn about the animal through a fact file page.

This unique innovative experience has been designed to ignite the imagination of children but not deter them from connecting with the natural world. The trails will have a screen time of 15 minutes whilst the trail takes over an hour to complete. 

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Why do I want this at my nature reserve, zoo or museum?


Interactive digital technology

Be an example of an organisation using new, trendy technology in an interactive way to engage your visitors. Augmented reality is a fantastic route to the digital world without hindering engagement from the real world. 


Fun learning

We make learning fun and something kids want to do on a Saturday morning. Parents are constantly on the search for a fun educational activity. Each animal will be coupled with a fact file allowing visitors to learn about their biology, Latin name and even listen to the animal. 



Boost your online presence, get more followers and engage with visitors on your social media pages. The photo capture feature allow visitors to share photos with the AR animals.


Animals? Plants? Dinosaurs? You decide

Engage visitors with your site and conservation efforts through animals you pick, providing you with a unique trail that is relevant to you. We already have 50 British species or we can create entirely new models!


Footfall analytics available anytime, anywhere

Imagine having the ability to control and measure footfall with minimal effort. The connecting analytics app allows you to better understand the movement of your visitors. 


We help you achieve your goals effortlessly

Use the trail as an easy, effortless way to see how many young people engage with your organisation. Some targets are difficult to measure but the connecting analytics apps allows you to immediately find data on participation.



Scan to download, or search: Pocket Pals Trail
*currently only available for iOS

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