We now make embroidered T-shirts to order! You can select the T-shirt colour and animal you want featured.

Our custom adult embroidered T-shirts are £20 and children's are £15 including P&P.

T-Shirt Customisation choices

animals and names.png


Choose from the red squirrel, killer whale, garden tiger moth, puffin, badger and red fox.

Each animal will be machine embroidered into the top left corner of the T-shirt (see model image above).


Colours and sizes

Choose the fit

The women’s t-shirt is curved at the waste and has shorter sleeves than the unisex fit

Choose your colour

Remember to select the colour that works best with the animal you have selected for embroidery

Choose your size

Lastly the sizes are on the right under each fit.

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T-shirt Form

Please fill the form below with your T-shirt specifications and we'll get back to you with payment details.