Pocket Pals provides digital experiences about the natural world.


The Pocket Pals Augmented Reality Trails (Available March 2019)

The Pocket Pals AR trails are aimed for land managing organisations, such as those that maintain nature reserves or holiday villages that seek innovative activities to increase the number of visitors at their sites. The self-led augmented reality trail offers young families the opportunity to learn about British wildlife in a visually engaging tech approach. The use of AR positions these organisations with a captivating experience that fires children's imaginations but also does not deter them from experiencing the natural world. 

Highlights of the trail

  • Interactive digital technology

  • Visually engaging for children

  • Customised with desired animals

  • Trail can be monetised

  • Experience continues at home through the Pocket Pals app

Our trails consist of five interactive signs that are scanned using a mobile device, activating the AR animals. The trail can be tailored from 50 animals that already exist within the app. Organisations can therefore have a unique trail that is relevant to their organisation or site.

Very few organisations have investigated digital techniques to encourage visitors to nature reserves since screentime is seen as a distraction from children establishing a connection with the natural world. However the use of AR bridges the real world with the digital world and still encourages children to walk and find the signs. In fact our trails will have a screen time of 15 minutes whilst the trail takes at least an hour to complete. Unlike existing trails deployed at nature reserves, the Pocket Pals AR trails offers families an all-new digital experience whilst still offering an educational experience about native wildlife.