Pocket Pals
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THE Co-founders


Dani and Matt met in their first year at university. When Pokemon Go became highly successful they toyed around the idea of making a wildlife version based on real animals. Last summer, Matt sent off a grant application and to their amazement received £10,000. Pocket Pals became a third year project at Falmouth University. Matt directed a team of amazing animation students to develop all the animals that feature in the app, whilst Dani selected the animals, the environments, developed the Pocket Pal profiles. In April, Pocket Pals joined the Geovation programmed funded by Ordnance Survey. The further £10,000 allowed them to bring two incredible app developers to the team. In August 2018, Pocket Pals went live on the Apple Store and Google Play, and the team currently consists of  Dani and Matt, and the app developers, Tristan and Rich.

The Animation team

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